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Through the Greenhouse Glass: Atomic Restaurant

Images: Jorge González Yáñez

Atomic, a culinary gem meticulously crafted by the visionary architects at Lázaro and nestled in the vibrant landscape of Guadalajara, stands as an exquisite exemplar of contemporary design seamlessly intertwining with gastronomic allure. This architectural masterpiece, strategically located on the ground floor near the city's financial nucleus, embodies a harmonious convergence of innovative design and natural aesthetics.

Lázaro's ingenuity unfolds within Atomic, where the central bar takes center stage, delicately embraced by steel-framed glass curtains and surrounded by vibrant vegetation planters. This intentional interplay of structural elegance and organic elements dissolves the boundaries between the interior and exterior realms. The misty greenhouse spectacle, carefully curated, transcends conventional design, echoing a commitment to architectural finesse.

As you delve into the nuances of Atomic's design narrative, witness a symphony of creativity that resonates with the surrounding environment. The deliberate fusion of materials, from the meticulous steel framing to the verdant planters, echoes the commitment of Lázaro to redefine interior spaces. Atomic emerges not just as a culinary haven but as a living testament to how Lázaro seamlessly weaves together contemporary design and the natural world, creating an immersive experience that transcends traditional boundaries.


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