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Oloïd Acoustic Lighting by Atelier Oï

Images by Conny Mirbach

Switzerland-based architectural firm Atelier Oï has ingeniously transformed felt into a novel mode of expression with their latest creation, the Oloïd acoustic light under the Impact Acoustic project. This pendant light, resembling an intricate origami structure, is crafted from sound-absorbing felt, presenting a lantern-like shape with curved and folded contours. Contrary to the typical associations of functionality and minimalist design with acoustic felt, Oloïd introduces a surprising subtlety to this material.

The design's allure is further heightened by the incorporation of a curated palette of 32 colors from the ARCHISONIC® Felt range. This thoughtful selection empowers architects to personalize spaces and craft immersive environments that transcend the conventional.


“To create organic shapes, we had to push the limits of the material's rigidity and flatness. With the right tools and processes, we were able to test and give a whole new characteristic to Archisonic sheets. It was a pleasure to work with such a good, stable, reliable and versatile material. Our goal in partnering with Impact Acoustic was also to gain an understanding of the machine used in the production process and explore its potential for novel, creative applications.”


In adherence to the principles of Impact Acoustic, Atelier Oï prioritized a single-material product with easily detachable and interchangeable components, emphasizing sustainability and versatility. The result is a product that not only captivates visually but also aligns with a commitment to eco-friendly practices.


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