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.JPG Coffee by Infinity Mind

Photos: Haochang Cao

Resembling a guiding beacon amid the urban sprawl of Guangzhou's Zhujiang New Town, .JPG stands out with its vibrant yellow exterior, breaking the monotony of the surrounding gray landscape. Upon entering the compact interior of less than 25 m2, a stark contrast to its bright façade, a lengthy concrete bar takes center stage, showcasing the baristas and their craft. The limited yet open space eliminates any sense of distance, and the welcoming service of the baristas not only delights the taste buds but also warms the hearts of the customers.

The walls and ceiling are entirely covered in a collage of intersecting reclaimed pine timbers, sourced from the construction site and darkened to a charcoal hue through carbonation. The irregular arrangement of these timbers seems to suspend them in space, allowing light to filter through voids and create a striking visual effect, offering a fresh and distinctive spatial experience.


“The limited but unconstrained activity space eliminates the sense of distance, and the barista’s intimate service warms not just the customer’s tastes, but also their hearts.” -Wu Ruimin and He Longpan


Operating on a takeout-only model without tables or chairs, .jpg caters to the modern individual's desire for a swift coffee experience while fostering open social interactions. Two drink pallets, extending from the wooden backdrop with delicate metal supports, are strategically placed by the window. Enjoying a freshly brewed coffee while observing the bustling street outside provides a fleeting sense of connection for the stressed urban dweller, adding a unique touch to the city's dynamic pace.


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