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Glass House by Sigurd Larsen

Photos: Tobias Koenig and Michael Romstoeck

The Glashaus by Sigurd Larsen, located in Uckermark, just north of Berlin, serves as an idyllic weekend retreat designed for a small family keen on hosting guests. Surrounded by pristine forests and lakes, the house boasts a simple floor plan, featuring a curved wall for privacy from the road. All rooms are strategically oriented towards the west, providing an open view and direct access to a spacious covered terrace.

The arrangement of beds along the facade ensures accessibility from both inside and the terrace, fostering a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. Adding to the unique design, the shower can be directly accessed from the outside, creating an innovative layout. With a row of glass doors opened, the bedrooms and shower feel like inviting alcoves along the covered terrace.

Concrete brick volumes house the staircase and kitchen block, framing the central living space. A recessed curved stone wall to the east forms a small courtyard, offering protection from the wind and welcoming the morning sun. The wooden roof structure on the first floor provides a wind-sheltered area, while the west-facing glazed roof allows residents to immerse themselves in the green valley and sunset views.

The roof's eastern slope, made of polycarbonate, introduces a captivating interplay of light, shadow, and changing colors throughout the day. The merging of indoor and outdoor spaces is particularly evident in warmer seasons, as the garden facade's numerous openings create a seamless connection. In winter, the well-insulated single-story house transforms into a cozy retreat, inviting residents to enjoy panoramic views and changing light through expansive windows.


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