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Functionality Embraces Enjoyment: ONEMOREBURO's Kiev Residence

Photos by Misha Lukashuk

ONEMOREBURO has transformed an apartment in Kiev's Podilskyi district into a versatile living space tailored to the needs of a young couple and their feline companion. With remote work as their primary focus, the couple desired a seamless integration of a comfortable workspace within the living area, while preserving their leisure time. Using glass blocks and low partitions, the design team delineated spaces while maintaining an open feel throughout the apartment. Alongside the multifunctional work and leisure area, amenities such as a home gym and a flexible bedroom with direct terrace access and a private bathroom were incorporated. The apartment's layout revolves around a central hall, facilitating smooth transitions between areas.


“We paid great attention to the functionality and details of the apartment. All lines and heights are repeated in every room, creating a sense of spatial integrity.”


A mirrored partition between the main room and the hallway visually connects spaces and ensures ample natural light even in areas without windows. The design aimed to create a self-sustaining space to meet the homeowners' remote work needs. The master bedroom boasts two walk-in closets, one serving as a passage to the apartment exit and the other doubling as a luxurious vanity and primary storage. With direct terrace access, the bedroom offers an ideal spot for relaxation and barbecues, accompanied by a spacious en-suite bathroom.

Through consistent design elements and proportions in each room, ONEMOREBURO has achieved a cohesive spatial experience, blending functionality with meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, special provisions have been made for the cat, including a second-floor route and a custom cabinet in the guest bathroom.


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