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Crosby Studios Store in Moscow by Crosby Studios

Images: Mikhail Loskutov

Originally hailing from Moscow but currently residing in New York, Harry Nuriev, a 37-year-old architect and designer, is making a significant impact with a creative vision that extends well beyond his professional domains, encompassing fashion, culture, and art. In 2020, Harry Nuriev founded Crosby Studios Home, a venture dedicated to democratizing high-end design and luxury products. Their unique collections celebrate individual expression and defy conventional norms. Situated within a newly built luxury apartment complex, Crosby Studios Home's multi-purpose space, spanning 2,368 square feet, houses a shop, café, lounge, and serves as their main design office.

The interior design of this space ingeniously leverages the building's exposed concrete structure to leave a lasting impression on visitors. Upon entering, one is greeted by a circular lounge adorned in vibrant electric blue tones that evoke the tranquility of a serene pool, surrounded by Crosby Studios Home's debut collection. This collection features opulent velvet dining chairs, swan-shaped rugs, whimsical humanoid body pillows, and a lush, shaggy blue cedar. While the café and lounge are open to all, their primary function is to provide a meeting place for architects and designers, with plans to host themed gatherings, film screenings, and book presentations, fostering a hub of creative exchange and innovation.

In a world where Harry Nuriev's influence transcends his architectural and design expertise, Crosby Studios Home stands as a testament to his commitment to making high-end design accessible to a broader audience. Nestled within a contemporary luxury complex, this versatile space blends innovative design with a communal spirit, inviting individuals from various creative backgrounds to converge, collaborate, and shape the future of art, culture, and design.


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