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Creative Boundaries: Sony Music Amsterdam HQ

Images: Peter Tijhuis

Sony Music Entertainment Amsterdam HQ, designed by local studio Space Encounters, seamlessly merges work and entertainment. Located in the iconic A'DAM Tower on the banks of the IJ River, this 22-story building was once Royal Dutch Shell's headquarters and has recently transformed into a dynamic space with a members-only nightclub, luxury hotel room, and various creative industry tenants. Sony Entertainment adds a fresh vibe to the mix.

Space Encounters skillfully distinguishes work from entertainment with a captivating use of color-blocking. Work areas are defined by greys and whites, whereas leisure zones are highlighted by emerald and green. The interior features a soundproofed grid ceiling illuminated by LED strips, which cast soft, diffused light off white acoustic spray. Abundant ferns contribute to the natural ambiance, and the center space is ingeniously designed to resemble the inside of an amplifier.


"Throughout the space, a soundproofed grid ceiling is lit via LED strips, which bounce off white acoustic spray to create soft, diffused light. The window edges of the floor plan are kept open and free, and ferns are peppered heavily throughout too. Last but not least, the centre space has also been designed to resemble the inside of an amplifier."


The A'DAM Tower, which stands for Amsterdam Dance And Music and houses renowned music firms and nightclubs, exudes 1960s style beside the IJ river. The floor plan prioritizes unobstructed views, and the lighting system is a showstopper, with LED strips creating hyper-diffuse light below the grid ceiling. The building's center acts as a focal point, resembling the inside of an amplifier. Particularly, the boardroom table can be utilized as a DJ booth, and the staircase can be transformed into a bar. This unique design successfully separates work and leisure, offering a distinct space for both, highlighted by a striking color palette of grey and green.


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