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Crafting Culinary Harmony: Esrawe Studio's Samurai Inspired Tori Tori

Photos: Cesar Bejar

Esrawe Studio's Tori Tori restaurant in Mexico City draws inspiration from the elegance of Samurai armor and the artistry of Kanji characters. Situated in the bustling commercial district of Santa Fe, this Japanese culinary establishment, the fifth of its kind in the city, is housed on the ground floor of a corporate office tower. Covering an expansive 720 square meters, the restaurant features distinct dining areas and a convenient Japanese grab-and-go shop.

The interior design, crafted by Esrawe Studio, embraces a sophisticated aesthetic by utilizing dark walls, ceilings, and floors, providing a dramatic contrast to the delicate pale oak wood accents. The entrance, marked by tall glass walls, introduces a bar and a takeaway shop. A unique wooden structure, inspired by Esrawe Studio's Trama shelving design, serves both as a storage unit for showcasing Japanese culinary delights and as a decorative divider within the space.

Reimagined into a long cylindrical form scaling a triple-height room, this geometric structure incorporates hundreds of pale wood panels arranged at various angles, resembling the fin-like design of Samurai armor. This artistic interpretation pays homage to the intricate protective plating of Samurai warriors. 


"Inspired by the subtlety and sobriety of Japanese craft skill, the serene and monochromatic atmosphere emphasises the scale of the space with two hanging elements made in holm oak," said Esrawe Studio.


Incorporating floor-to-ceiling windows around the open dining area allows natural light to permeate the otherwise dark ambiance. Geometric graphics along the dark walls cleverly reference Kanji characters used in Japanese writing, adding a touch of cultural symbolism. A more intimate dining area with low ceilings and tables for four provides a diverse dining experience.

Esrawe Studio showcases their expertise by custom designing all the furniture for Tori Tori Sante Fe. The seating arrangements feature various designs of oak chairs, some left natural and others painted black. Completing the dining experience are a private dining room and an outdoor area boasting eight round teppanyaki tables and additional seating. As you share this article in your magazine, rest assured that these paraphrased details capture the essence of Esrawe Studio's innovative design for Tori Tori Sante Fe while maintaining distinctiveness from the original source.


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