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Chapel in Sierra la Villa by Sancho-Madridejos

Photos: Hisao Suzuki

Sancho-Madridejoss, an architecture firm based in Madrid, has created a remarkable and minimalist chapel situated in a hilly region in central Spain. Named 'Chapel In Sierra La Villa,' this concrete structure features sharp angles and openings that effectively blend aesthetics with functionality.

According to the firm, this building, resembling a carefully crafted origami piece, is a representation of structural harmony in response to the intricate external forces of a topological nature. While its design exudes simplicity, the chapel takes on the form of a well-defined geometric volume.


"We chose the specific location of the chapel so that it becomes a reference point from both the estate and the road leading to it, which spins and circles around the chapel when approaching."— Sancho-Madridejos


Its entrance, set back from the façade, graciously welcomes visitors and guides them toward a more confined section. At this point, substantial concrete elements come together to form a substantial cross, with linear openings puncturing the curvature, allowing varying streams of light to filter through, creating changing visual effects throughout the day. The chapel's white exterior stands out vividly against the surrounding landscape, serving as a prominent visual landmark.


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