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Çanakkale Antenna Tower by IND [Inter.National.Design] + Powerhouse Company

Images: Sebastian van Damme

Dutch studios IND (Inter.National.Design) and Powerhouse Company have successfully completed the Çanakkale Antenna Tower, a striking broadcast and observation tower constructed from Corten steel, intentionally contrasting with the surrounding forest in Çanakkale, Turkey. The unique loop-shaped building, an extension of an existing forest road, not only houses a multimedia and telecom broadcast antenna but also incorporates exhibition spaces, recreational facilities, and an observation deck.

Soaring 100 meters into the sky, the singular tower is constructed from modular elements on-site, fortified to withstand winds of up to 160 km/h with steel plates up to 40 mm and internal reinforcements. Utilizing weathered Corten steel, the tower stands distinct, set apart from an exterior viewing platform loop that encircles an interior garden featuring wild native vegetation. Accessing this elevated platform, which evolves from an elevated entrance canyon to a vast observation deck and viaduct, rewards visitors with panoramic views of the forested landscape, the city, and the strait beyond.


"The project's principal material is Corten steel for its suitability for outdoor sculpture and its natural rust color." Arman Akdogan


The primary design strategy involves separating the visitor center from the antenna tower to eliminate any radiation hazard for visitors and staff. This design approach addresses the challenge of accommodating diverse functions within a compact space. The antenna tower is a product of merging two vertical paths, forming an elegant passageway for visitors entering the facility. While creating a strong visual identity from a distance, the structure offers a detailed landscape experience up close. Open-air pathways on each leg of the antenna tower gradually ascend, following the site's perimeter, freeing up space at the top and allowing the forest to seamlessly integrate into a continuous, uninterrupted landscape. The strategically located visitor center provides scenic views of the Dardanelles.

To further minimize environmental impact, the tower's design conceals technical areas in an underground concrete bunker, effectively reducing light pollution through the use of small lights developed by Hamburg-based firm Ulrike Brandi Licht along the tower's length. Emphasizing symmetry with the surrounding landscape, the project promotes environmental awareness by rejuvenating eroded land with nourished soil and young forest trees.


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