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Café Collab in Ville-Émard by Ivy Studio

Images: Alex Lesage

In the heart of Montreal's fashionable Ville-Émard neighborhood, Café Collab, a novel coffee shop and co-working space, has recently made its debut. With a commitment to boosting the local community, Café Collab not only offers a space for residents to socialize and savor superb locally sourced coffee but also provides a venue for work, meetings, and a respite from the daily grind of remote work. The architectural design of the café is attributed to Ivy Studio Inc, a renowned Canadian architectural firm.

The interior of Café Collab exudes a serene atmosphere through the use of neutral color schemes and various shades of blue, infusing a sense of tranquility. Clean, modern lines and minimalist design elements add a contemporary touch to the space. The focal point at the center of the café is a multifunctional service counter that not only serves as a customer interaction point but also doubles as a communal workspace. Light wooden flooring and white-painted walls are complemented with cobalt blue accents, creating a striking visual contrast. Every detail, from the sleek steel tables to the opulent velvet curtains, incorporates the brand's signature color, reinforcing its identity. Additionally, square mirrors within the space are coated with a bluish film to create an illusion of depth and intrigue.


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