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Boatyard Hotel Embraced by Nature

Images: Zhang Xi

Chinese architecture studios GOA and WJ STUDIO have designed a hotel that connects with nature and the surrounding landscape. Taking design cues from the nearby river in harmony with its surroundings, Boatyard Hotel is located in the rural Wujiang District of Suzhou, China. Natural design codes embrace the surrounding landscape, defining the minimalist architectural aesthetic of this boutique accommodation in Shanwan village.

Its high and low arched roofs combine with the undulations of black-roofed buildings that silhouette ships docked at the quay, making the hotel a symbol of fluidity and tranquillity. The clustered rows of awnings evoke the atmosphere of a lively waterfront town; as boats gather here, it is possible to trace the stories of gatherings and shared stories. As each boat pulls into the harbour, guests step through the hotel doors into this unique experience. The waterside dining area has a marvellous view of the lake. Located just below the water level of the building, this design invites guests as if they were sitting on a boat deck and encourages them to share memories and daily experiences of the lives of the town's residents.

The Boatyard Hotel consists of three different sections: the entrance reception, the café and bar, and the guest rooms. When first stepping into the reception area, an impressive arch welcomes visitors, signalling the beginning of this magical place that draws them towards the water. The remaining two arched roof areas are located on either side of the complex and are divided by inner courtyards, forming the main functional areas for dining and relaxation.


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