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Blurring Boundaries: The Green Experience Center

Images: Brigida González

The Green Experience Center, designed by Bez+Kock Architekten and nestled in Luisenpark, is a prime example of contemporary design seamlessly harmonizing with nature. The flowing roof envelops the floor-to-ceiling glass interiors, which are supported by delicate structures, blurring the distinctions between indoor and outdoor spaces. With its slim profile sliding beneath overhanging tree branches, the structure, covered in dark green glazed porcelain, compliments the natural surroundings.

The curved roof connects various functional spaces and spans 130 meters in length and up to 39 meters in width. At the southern terminus, a welcoming park restaurant beckons with its curved glass facade, offering panoramic views of the adjacent Kutzerweiher pond. During summer, large sliding doors extend the dining area under the cantilevered canopy, creating an immersive experience for visitors.


"One of the special qualities of Luisenpark is that the landscape elements allow the structural elements to recede into the background. Therefore, in our design realized together with Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur, the new buildings were not developed as buildings in the classical sense, but as organically shaped, single-story pavilions that are framed by the surrounding park."


Heading north, an 18-meter high cable net-covered aviary awaits, casting an enchanting charm. A curated pathway guides visitors through a landscaped environment with water features. At the north edge, a penguin installation mirrors the main roof's curvature, featuring a captivating 250 m3 pool for observing penguins both above and below water. This immersive experience adds an extra layer of wonder to the Green Experience Center's unique offerings.

The architectural journey continues with a poetic interception of elevation drop to Kutzerweiher—a rammed concrete wall mirroring the sediment layers of a quarry. This structural marvel transforms into a landscape element, seamlessly merging with the natural topography. Through a cut in the concrete, visitors descend into an underwater realm adorned with sand-colored screed, glimmering walls, and midnight blue ceilings. Here, 21 aquarium tanks showcase a diverse array of fish from continents worldwide.


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