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Blue Terracotta Apartment by Rina Lovko

Photos by Yevhenii Avramenko

Hired to revamp an apartment with an unconventional floor plan resembling an inverted open hand fan, Ukrainian architect Rina Lovko devised an equally distinctive approach. Central to her design was the transformation of the space into an open, light-filled, and artistically inclined environment, leveraging the abundant natural light streaming through the curved window wall and catering to the clients' preference for flowing lines.

Situated on the ninth floor of a circular tower in Kiev's Pecherskyi district, the 2,200 square-meter apartment was initially compartmentalized into five enclosed rooms. Lovko amalgamated three of these rooms into a unified kitchen/dining/living area, aligning with the lifestyle of the clients, a young couple keen on communal cooking. The new kitchen, designed for both functionality and socializing, features a spacious island resembling terracotta but crafted from glazed porcelain. Vibrant lower cabinetry and a custom bar-height table, painted MDF, add colorful accents to the predominantly bare concrete architecture.


“The layout of the space, with its complex geometry, created certain difficulties; standard techniques did not work here, but at the same time it excited us professionally.”


The living space is adorned with minimalist furniture arranged akin to standalone artworks, while ample built-in cabinets mitigate clutter, imbuing the area with a gallery-like ambiance. "We incorporated several concealed storage spaces to declutter the main area," notes Lovko. Thoughtful storage solutions extend to the expansive dressing room nestled between the master and guest bedrooms, where a transparent custom wardrobe serves as an elegant focal point. The partition wall separating this sanctuary from the apartment's primary circulation pathway is also transparent, allowing light to permeate through to the master bathroom situated on the opposite side. Despite the austere architecture, defined lines, and sparse furnishings, Lovko remarks, "the space exudes a sense of coziness." This sentiment is particularly evident while unwinding in the bathtub.


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