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A Blend of Coffee and Design: algebraist Coffee

Images: Yuuuun Studio

The focal point of algebraist Coffee is an 3D-printed facade embellished with painted sandstone carvings that beautifully mimic the flow of coffee, designed by STILL YOUNG. This innovative place perfectly blends coffee culture with cutting-edge material applications, encouraging guests to immerse themselves in a truly one-of-a-kind coffee experience.


"The super symbol has been implemented in the eight-year operation of algebraist coffee. The design logic of the brand logo comes from the coffee-making method, from the extraction of coffee, and pour-over coffee, to the traditional French press coffee and siphon coffee, which essentially represents respect and belief in coffee making, and is also our constant pursuit of high quality. We hope to establish a friendly relationship with consumers through brand culture and bring consumers a unique experience in space design and products."


The interior space incorporates numerous materials, each with unique qualities, such as a sense of warmth with wood details and a futuristic mood with contrasting silver components, as part of the design philosophy of modular repetition and symbol deconstruction. A black marble bar runs the length of the area, and behind the counter is a 3.2 meter-high solid wood wall with an 80cmx80cm matrix of carved monograms that provide depth to the design. The square modules are inspired by the mathematical aspects that underpin the Algebraist Coffee brand.

The interior design offers a bright and open environment for people to enjoy their coffee. The shopfront's fluid pattern extends to the indoor guest seating area. The ceiling has a similar flowing design, except it is white, resulting in an effectively layered environment. The seating area is finished with ample amount of greenery, minimalist tables, and steel chairs shaped like the brand's logo to create a welcoming environment.


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